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New video interview in ‘English’ march 8 2020

Yes, a brand new one to watch. Enjoy. Anke Hans (she's sweet - the camera dude as well by the way) was interested, so she and Henkus set it all up, and I just had to ehh... be... & respond... https://youtu.be/NBV835QuKcs

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Individual Skype sessions in English

I’m not out to make friends with you. Neither to hurt you. But I can be quite the asshole at times. Anyway, among other things, I’m here to point out stuff you might not like to hear, to make clear what is unclear, to take away what you believe to be true, to destroy your defenses, your so called knowledge and so on. So buckle up, be honest, as open as you can. Be silly, be wise, be to the point. Bring a sense of humor and don’t be too easily offended. Hurry up, take your time, allow things to happen (or fight me :) ).

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The meaning of (your) life?

In my view life has no meaning in an absolute sense. This however does not mean that your life cannot be more or less meaningful. To be is a challenge, and to be in a fully grown way seems to be the only way it can have any meaning. My point is, and has been throughout my life as a non-duality teacher and author, that one needs to outgrow the infantile states of being as quickly and profoundly as possible. Like Heidegger said, one needs to have many births in one lifetime to really ‘get here’. Many people don’t get (t)here, and their lives will bring a lot of chaos ...

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One big nuthouse…

One big nut house - HLRozengeur&Prikkeldraad What we call thinking is actually neurosis.” Real thoughts are clear, spontaneous, like bubbles that well up in a pond. They are free from fear and anxiety. They are practical, effective. When you simply are, all is natural. Frantic thoughts are impossible, as well as anxiousness, aversion or greed, but only in your natural state. In your ego state you are ignorance, there is fear and fragmentation, et cetera. There you have lost contact with totality (though that is exactly what it is).

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The approach to a problem…

Krishnamurti, whom I love dearly for his sharpness, clarity and consistency, states in his book ‘Commentaries on living’ (second series- study it!) the following: “The approach to the problem is more important than the problem itself…” And right he is! The usual approach is finding a solution, or stated more clearly: trying to get rid of it. We either try to get rid of the sensation of unhappiness (for instance) or start seeking the opposite: happiness. So we call some friends, have a drink, play some music, watch tv, read a book (for some a book on spiritual...

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2 video interviews with Hans by Rick Archer (1) and PK (2), in “English”

On august the 7th 2017 Rick Archer from BATGAP posted his interview with me. Although our internet speed was quite terrible (we've upgraded after this talk) it's a quite nice interview nevertheless - with funny faces and strange sounds sometimes :) check it HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFQNXC6Kl5s&t=3669s enjoy (or not:) by the way, here is another interview video in 'english' from 2016, and my 7 cd's containing 'music', jyha, are here: Hug, h https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eonc-kziKDE&t=1463s

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On awakening and stuff…

In many a column and article I have stated that the general thoughts about awakening are too romantic, often strange and sometimes plainly weird and that in spiritual societies common conditionings are abundant. And yet I still find myself obliged to pop the illusionary balloons of the people I encounter during sessions or in satsang. So maybe it will proof to be useful to offer this cluster of shards, so people can pop their own balloons. Awakening is not the fun thing it may seem to be. Even if someone makes it through, in most cases there will be a not so short period ...

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Don’t fight, don’t flee, but feel!

inzichtfebr2012Published in InZicht, february 2012

Raf Pype: Most articles in InZicht are aimed at recognizing your true nature and speak from a direct realization of this. While I totally acknowledge the importance of the emphasis on this recognition, I still get the feeling that this isn't the whole story...

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Doing or not doing, that’s the question (column)

cover 59Published in InZicht, november 2013

The fun of being awake is that it’s effortless. Doing by not doing sounds very special and wise, but it doesn’t amount to anything if you just avail yourself of the opportunity to look. What does doing mean? Well, for instance it means to conjure with negative thoughts or expectations. These are giving you such a nice feeling of ‘self’. To condemn others or yourself, to keep your personal history up in the air. To resist an emotion or feeling that is raising to free itself. To hold on to so called loved ones or family members, to worry. All of that is doing.

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About ethics and the like

cover 60Published in InZicht, february 2014

What the heck ethical behaviour has to do with radical self investigation, one could say. No idea. It appears to me that many philosophical subjects only cause problems to the mind, however I could be wrong. I have been wrong before. Likewise right or wrong, or worse good and bad seem to be ultimate matters to moralists who are not quite awake yet.

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