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Perceiving the dream as real

inz mei 2013Published in InZicht, may 2013

Consciously or unconsciously we constantly are telling a story about our-selves to others and to ourselves and by doing so also a story about the world. It is a persistent form of self-importance, because we so badly want to be someone, become someone or remain someone, to represent something special or valuable in the world and consequently in the eye of others. Everything is being used for that matter, even being miserable if everything else fails.

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Before ‘I Am’


Excerpt from 'Zelfherinnering'

Hans Laurentius: How were you before the 'I Am' appeared? Q: No idea. HL: That's right, there was no idea at all. Before the 'I Am' appeared, you were okay. Then the 'I Am' stuck to the body-thinking-feeling and the trouble started. Return to your original state, by realizing that what you are was already there before the 'I Am' visited you. The 'I Am' belongs to the body; while there is a body, there will be consciousness. All temporary. You alone are timeless. All that can be known, is the product of the body and consciousness.

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Progress (column)

cover 55 (1)Published in InZicht, november 2012

We can see mother earth is getting tired. She can no longer fulfill our need for endless growth. There is simply not much left to take and transform into money. Most of what used to be free and natural is already transformed into tradable goods. We can no longer drink the water from the river, so we have to pay for ‘clean’ water. Before long, we might have to pay to breath, although of course we’d first have to be able to ‘make’ fresh air.

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The Paradox


Published in Inzicht nr. 20-2004

For most seekers the fundamental question is and remains: “What must or can I do?” Each “beginner” asks this. The so-called advanced students may not pose the question explicitly, but it can be heard frequently in remarks or questions. Let’s address the question in a practical manner. What must a seeker do? Seek, of course. Make an effort, ensure that the desire for freedom and truth flares up, to enable it to burn itself out. That was one of the reasons why “The Horizon” was set up, so people could take part in individual conversations, weekends, retreats etc., and the love of the truth (and its radiation) would sink in deeply. (And that’s why there are individual sessions and satsangs now, annotation HL August 2013)

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Sunday Afternoon (column)

Published in InZicht, may 2013

2:29pm says the clock on the side table next to me. Sunday afternoon, just created a mix of a twofold blues in which my friend Erik played one of his best trumpet parts ever. A lot of hassle getting such a mix right, especially with such a long track in which really a lot happens and which actually also contains two completely different songs. Played a little darts in the meantime, which went very well today, for my level that is, nothing compared to Taylor, van Barneveld, Wade or Van Gerwen obviously, nevertheless, sometimes time flies. Nice.

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After the rain (column)

cover_54 inzicht aug

Published in Inzicht, August 2012

Half past eight, I am using my broom. The thunderstorm has brought down lots of twigs, leaves and big branches from the row of larches and oaks. A natural way of pruning. After the enormous heat of the past couple of days, the load of water was very pleasurable, the way it came down a bit rough. But that’s how it goes, sometimes.

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Intimacy and distance (column)

Published in InZicht, february 2013inzicht feb 2013

And suddenly winter’s upon us. Last night the snow lay thick everywhere for the first time and while I am sitting near the (pellet)stove, the snowflakes only become bigger and bigger. Kasia has gone to work already. I wonder whether my visitors will show up. If not, fine all the same, in that case I’ll continue tinkering at the piece of music I am struggling with. According to the dictionary the word intimacy represents familiarity or cosyness. H’m. Funny what kind of different associations you sometimes can have with a word. I would never have thought of cosyness. Familiarity…well. To many people the feeling of being a bad lot is very familiar. At the same time they conceal it, as they rather do not show this feeling. So in the intimate relationship much is concealed and it is hard to dare being vulnerable.

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