True spirituality

True spirituality is not about getting what you like, feeling good, becoming something or getting rid of your little problems. It’s about seeing things as they are. It’s about waking up or at least growing up as fast as possible.
All the rest is like trying to make your jail cell pretty, being comfortable behind your shiny bars. That’s more like making friends with the warden and the other childlike or juvenile inmates, believing in Santa and whatnot, practicing risk free silliness while singing lullabies.
If that’s what you want (keep dreaming), please quickly click this page away. If you think it’s not and you really believe you wanna wake up or grow up…
So: are you fed up with avoiding, explaining, deflecting, forcing, fixing, spiritualizing, complaining and resisting? Then discover how to really BE. Don’t be afraid to be confronted, to feel through what you’ve hidden and to discover what is true en what’s not. Awakening isn’t necessarily pleasant, but it sure as hell will clarify things and liberate you from the dream of being a separate entity, which is the root cause of all you’re troubles. Maybe it’s better for you to wake up, or at the very least to grow up a little, instead of wandering around as a sleep-walker like you’ve probably done so far. Maybe it’s not.

Wanna find out?

Upcoming events

  1. Satsang middag in Arnhem

    19 juni, 13:30 - 16:00
  2. Satsang Drieluik in Arnhem

    8 juli, 19:30 - 10 juli, 16:00
  3. Satsang middag in Utrecht

    31 juli, 13:30 - 16:30
  4. Satsang middag in Arnhem

    14 augustus, 13:30 - 16:00
  5. Satsang middag in Utrecht

    4 september, 13:30 - 16:30
  6. All in Advaita weekend te Drongen (België) – al 20 aanmeldingen!

    23 september, 19:30 - 25 september, 16:00

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14 aug

Individual Skype sessions in English

I’m not out to make friends with you. Neither to hurt you. But I can be quite the asshole at times. Anyway, among other things, I’m here to point out stuff you might not like to hear, to make clear what is unclear, to take away what you believe to be true, to destroy your defenses, your so called knowledge and so on. So buckle up, be honest, as open as you can. Be silly, be wise, be to the point. Bring a sense of humor and don’t be too easily offended. Hurry up, take your time, allow things to happen (or fight me :) ). More