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Individual Skype sessions in English

I’m not out to make friends with you. Neither to hurt you. But I can be quite the asshole at times. Anyway, among other things, I’m here to point out stuff you might not like to hear, to make clear what is unclear, to take away what you believe to be true, to destroy your defenses, your so called knowledge and so on. So buckle up, be honest, as open as you can. Be silly, be wise, be to the point. Bring a sense of humor and don’t be too easily offended. Hurry up, take your time, allow things to happen (or fight me :) ).

2 video interviews with Hans by Rick Archer (1) and PK (2), in “English”

On august the 7th 2017 Rick Archer from BATGAP posted his interview with me. Although our internet speed was quite terrible (we've upgraded after this talk) it's a quite nice interview nevertheless - with funny faces and strange sounds sometimes :) check it HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFQNXC6Kl5s&t=3669s enjoy (or not:) by the way, here is another interview video in 'english' from 2016, and my 7 cd's containing 'music', jyha, are here: Hug, h https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eonc-kziKDE&t=1463s

About Hans

Hans Laurentius (1964)

Trained in the 90's as a teacher in spiritual therapy. The search stopped, among other 'things', mainly through the confrontation with Nisargadatta’s I am That, and Ramana Maharshi’s glare and words and the spontaneous recognition of Awareness as reality. Since ’98 Hans has led hundreds of satsangs, retreats and private sessions.